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For each client and project, the Lincoln Harris management team customizes a program to fit the owner's objectives and the real estate asset's needs. This includes financial reporting and budgeting, contract negotiation and many varieties of operations management, from energy considerations to equipment evaluation.

Property Management
Lincoln Harris and Lincoln Property Company manage a national commercial real estate portfolio of over 90 million square feet. During our 30+ years of experience in building, owning and managing one of the largest commercial real estate portfolios in the United States, Lincoln Harris has developed a management approach that encompasses all service capabilities and systems throughout the organization. Our mission is to provide an environment for our customers that enhances their ability to be successful on a day to day basis.

Lincoln Harris' Property Management Approach is driven by these
guiding principles:
  • Establish a client relationship based on communication and trust
  • Develop a business plan for each property, driven by the client's objectives
  • Staff each building with a team that combines the highest
    standards of professionalism and an uncommon level of commitment to servicing our tenants
  • Place a high priority on the caliber of people we hire and take extraordinary steps to train every member of our Property Management team in specific job responsibilities as well as in
    our corporate services culture
  • Deliver professional service that is responsive, reliable, and faithfully meets our tenants' needs
  • Rely on market knowledge and analytical tools for sound
  • Employ proven standards and methods, utilizing state-of-the-art technology
  • Provide clients with timely and accurate property reports
  • Measure staff performance and instill accountability
Our commitment to serving our tenants extends to the operations of our buildings as well. The technical expertise of our building engineers is second to none. They are adept at maximizing the life expectancy and operational efficiency of each component of the physical plant. From preventative maintenance to major repairs, we demonstrate that the comfort of our building tenants is our primary concern.

Thoroughness and attention to detail characterize our financial management of our buildings. We develop and maintain sound and accurate budgets cash flow projections. We are also rigorous in our contract management with vendors taking advantage of our large network of suppliers to enforce superior performance. We have built strong relationships with outside vendors over the years and are proud of our reputation as exacting, demanding, and fair.

We want continual feedback from our tenants. We take a proactive position and meet with our tenants on a regular basis to insure our position as a service leader in the industry.


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